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Not another : ".. allegorical novel in the French literary tradition, and a compulsive page-turner."

Product Details: Chum

Mark Spitzer
Hardcover: 227 pages.
Zoland Books (07/01/2001)
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Publisher Notes: Chum

  • An allegorical novel in the French literary tradition, and a compulsive page-turner.
Warning "Chum" is a sex-obsessed, scatological, deeply offensive, violent, disturbed, grim, funny, and horrific allegory, peopled by predatory sailors, murderous seahags, disillusioned bargirls, one shipwrecked porn star, and a degenerate legion of mentally retrograde alcoholic hicks and inbred grotesques. Based on an unpublished film treatment by Celine, and rooted in the tradition of Rimbaud, Bataille and Genet, "Chum" is literary absinthe to satisfy the worldly, and scald the uninitiated.
""Chum" is something that Kierkegaard, at his most suicidal moment, would feel right a home with." -Andrei Codrescu
Mark Spitzer is the translator and editor of "The Collected Poems of George Bataille "(Dufour Editions), and author of "Bottom Feeder," a novel (Creative Arts). He has translated works by Celine, Genet, Rimbaud, Cendrars and others. He lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where is assistant editor for "Exquisite Corpse,"

Tempting ..

Scatalogical chum

"I'm a lot of fun at parties.
Apparently so is Mark Spitzer, associate editor at Andrei Codrescu's exquisite magazine Exquisite Corpse, who has written one of the finest novels I've ever read about what becomes of human beings in a savage land. Chum is dark, violent, funny, visceral, and incredibly profane — an icepick in the gut and a sledgehammer to the skull. It is, simply put, one righteous motherfucker of a book."


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Inspired in part by Ivan Stang's classic "High Weirdness by Mail," Dan Kelly launched his first zine in 1991 with the help of friends Kathy Moseley and Darrin Sullivan. Their latest creation is Chum, which has detailed the history of cinema sluts, how to be a film snob and the essential elements of cocktail culture. Hunk lover Leslie Stella contributed this selection for Issue 3. "If I could be a girl," says Dan, "I would want to be Leslie—but with a Gucci wardrobe and a tony red sportscar."

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